I’ve recently been talking to a friend of mine who has the swine flu and I’m starting to wonder why there is so much drama over an over-hyped pandemic.

My friend, let’s call him Harold, had flu like symptoms and when looking at his symptoms online I discovered that swine flu symptoms are exactly like regular flu just a little more prominant. It’s like saying that today I’m late but because I’m later then usual I’m swine late. Sorry the correct term is H1-Late.

Maybe that’s using too generic of an example, but the ridiculousness factor is the same. It’s a strain of the flu, and like something new it’ll take our bodies some getting used to, but the introduction of this strain pales in comparison to the introduction of the flu prime strain. The WHO has classified this flu as a seasonal flu and it’s reached pandemic status because it’s hit so many countries (thanks to how small our world is due to air travel) this flu’s fatality rate is less then 0.1% of all cases. The spanish flu from 1918 had a mortality rate of 2.5% of all cases and was classified as a new strain of flu. Now that’s an outbreak!

Yes this is a new flu and yes it’s going to kill those that are not healthy enough to fight it so here are my closing points about this slightly different strain of the flu. Get healthy! The healthier you are, the easier it’ll be to fight off the flu and if you’ve got it STAY HOME!!! Lastly, if it’s your time to go, there is nothing that prevention will be able to stop. It’s suvrival of the fittest out there and we will expire when we need to in order to keep the world going round.

Don’t believe everything the media tells you. Manufacturing news is a very profitable business out there so don’t let the man bring you down.