Recently I injured my back and I had no idea where to go to for help. My doctor is at a walk in clinic that has a file on me and can be called a “family doctor” just because they have a written medical history recorded for me. But you try waiting at a walk in clinic and see how fast it takes to bee seen, especially in Scarborough.

I then started looking for back doctors, chiropractors, sports therapy clinics in my area and found that very few of them had a website and those that did, I had no idea of knowing what I was getting into. I ended up finding a clinic by their decently presented website and convenience of having weekend hours and I was lucky, very lucky.

I realized that I took a chance, but how many other Torontonians or even Ontarians have simply taken a change and weren’t as lucky as I was. People who take a chance and end up at the hands of an incapable doctor or corrupt clinic – and even outside of the medical world, lazy contractors, shady retailers and money grubbing lawyers. Only some of us have the friends and colleagues that have contacts to someone good, but when you’ve tapped your resources and are still no further along then when you started, where do you go? Who you gonna call?


Even they were recommended early on.