Two much of a good thing

I have two brand new laptop’s and I’m still using Trit’s Macbook

We’ll step back for a second and let me make some intro’s. So there’s me – your friendly neighbourhood blogger. Then there’s Trit – she’s the Robin to my Batman, but she’ll never admit it. Vegas is like the Battle-Cat of the clan and the real cat is just kinda there. Recently we’ve decided to take some steps forward to start working at our dream jobs and thus my blog is born.

Lately we’ve gone from being a two person, two bathroom, two computer family (ahhh, the simple luxuries) to a one computer family. Our recently deceased desktop has been plagued with viruses and damaged parts, dusty innards and well if it was a pet, it would be the appropriate age to put it down. Since then we’ve been working off of Trit’s McBook (I like the Scottish version better) and it’s been hard doing everything on one laptop.

This brings us to the present, where we’ve made the steps toward acquiring two more computers and no, we’re not trying to have machine’s outnumber people in this household. We found a great machine, Blu-ray burner with an AMD Phenom II quad-core processor but by the time we went to check it out at Best Buy store, they were all sold out. Now this was boxing day, and we didn’t want to hang a crowded big-bog store ready to throw down, so we decided to go online to buy this AMD Phenom II triple-core processor with no Blu-ray off the website. I was a little upset we couldn’t get the first one, but at least I was able to get something comparable.

I was so excited to get this laptop because it now means that I can have a new toy in the house and it’s one that I can call my own. So I wait, and sure enough three days later there’s a tag in the mailbox and my laptop is waiting at the post office – I get Vegas and take him out for his walk, at this point he didn’t care about the laptop he just needed to pee. This is where everything get’s better. I walk out to the sidewalk and there is Trit with a laptop box under her arm – she’d been tracking the package and went to pick it up at the post office already, I told you she was like my Robin!

So I take Vegas out and we play, I’m super pumped, the entire time I’m playing with Vegas I was actually thinking about setting up my laptop and sharing all my experiences with you folks and it was going to be awesome!! Now before I opened the box, we needed to settle that nagging feeling and make sure that the other system was still sold out. I wanted to be sure we were happy with keeping this inferior machine. I mean, no offence triple core, but there’s a reason they call you odd…..

I log onto to Best Buy and sure enough the quad-core is back in stock and ready to jump into my lap. It’s just sitting there, with is Blu-ray goodness and shiny 4 core’s. I start reading reviews and it’s unanimous, the quad-core is a much better machine and some reviews go as far as to assume that the triple-core’s are just quad-core rejects that were refurbished, but they just couldn’t save that one core. Now after reading that review I reopened the Best Buy window and had the quad-core checked out so fast, I had to go back to make sure I ordered what I intended to.

So now I’m stuck with two computers. One I can’t open and have to wait until the 7th to return to the store, and the other will take between 3-5 business days to get here. So here I am, with a brand new machine sitting 3 feet away from me, and I’m still using the McBook – not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂


New Year, New Challenges

Ok, so this is the deal. Every year there are challenges or resolutions that you set for yourself and I always focus on one thing and succeed in starting it – but I never finish. So this is the year where I’m going to use this blog to keep myself accountable for successfully meeting all my challenges and on the eve of the end of 2011 I want to have looked back at all my 365 posts, and let out a cry of victory in succeeding in making 2011 unlike any year to have come before it.

And yes, I said that right – I expect to have 365 days worth of posts, one for each day that passes of 2011. Now this is a huge undertaking, not only do I have to find something to write about, but I also have to keep tabs on all my endeavors through this next year and ensure that I finish everything that I’ve started.

Take the Canadian Securities Course that I enrolled in, I enrolled in at the end of last February and I have 12 months to finish it. Which means for the next 3 months I’ll not only have to focus on studying to pass the test (I’ve already failed the first attempt) but I also have to keep up with my blog. Do you see what I’m saying? For someone who is classically trained in the art of procrastination, I need to now take on this blog-a-day task as well as studying like a monster for this exam. I’m starting to realize why I never finished anything I started – this already seems like too much.

Now here’s where my perspective changes, because as daunting as the idea of being able to find new subjects for my blog-a-day rants I also realize that there is a lot that I’ve already got slated for this year and I may in fact be having more than enough to write about if I’m able to stick to my new year’s lifestyle. So throw away your resolutions and come with me, I’m going to take on take on some fun and not so fun challenges  whether I like it or not. And the hardest challenge of it all – finishing what I started (starting with this blog).

So without further ado I bring you the list of challenges:

1. Blog-A-Day – about what? I dunno, we’ll find that out together

2. CSC completion – I have until March… oh boy

3. Health – this one is going to incorporate diet and fitness so like 1. this one is ongoing

4. DIY – it’s time to get this condo finished and ready to sell this year

5. New Job – and not just any job, but something I enjoy doing

6. New Adventure – last year it was whitewater rafting, what will it be this year?

7. Car – what do I have to do to get a car!!! Deliver pizza’s? Wait, don’t I need a car for that….

8. My Writing – wait, what? You mean while Blogging, I have to be writing too? That’s not fair

9. Start school – and this time it’s for fun!!!

10. Audience Participation

So this is a huge list for someone who’s used to starting and not finishing anything but I have to start somewhere right?

Now that we’ve set up what I’m going to be tackling this year, I need to establish some ground rules. Firstly I need to have 365 entries this year and I must have one per day. But I tell you that I may not always get a wi-fi signal while I’m whitewater rafting in Ottawa or on the beach in Jamaica. This means that I still have to try to upload an entry per day or at least, have a blog entry for those days which must be posted upon my immediate return. Each blog must be at least 250 words, this prevents me from just writing a one sentence blog entry on a day that I’m not “feelin it.” And lastly, item number 10 on the list – I will be soliciting suggestions from different friends about what to blog about, or what to experience and then blog about it afterwards. This can be something like my opinion on the environmental problems of our planet, or what I think of a restaurant – even as far as taking on challenges like sky-diving, or sled-dogging. The only stipulation is that if you suggest something to me, you have to be prepared to be right beside me, experiencing it along the way.

And that’s it cyber-world, I hope the readers of my blog will multiply and that you’ll enjoy what you read – but most importantly I want to be able to say that this was the year of change for me and that I accomplished everything I started in 2011.

Thanks for stopping by!