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Being New Year’s Eve, yesterday didn’t provide me much time to post my daily blog, so here we are on New Year’s Day with my first make-up blog.

For those of you who don’t know, January 1st is my anniversary with my wife/girlfriend. We’ve been together long enough that I can trust her like my wife, but we still have the passion and love from when we were first dating. New Year’s Eve is always fun for us because it’s like the whole world is celebrating our anniversary and everyone is always up for drinks with us. Last night we ended up drinking and rocking out the Lone Star on front with some friends, but we ended up getting dinner at a Spanish restaurant called Segovia before heading to the Star. If you’ve never had Spanish food, I definitely recommend it and no, Mexican food or Ecuadorian food don’t count. I’m talking about food from the european root of everything Hispanic. Spain has some of the richest and flavorful food mixing mediterranean cuisine with fresh seafood and wine.

The place wasn’t decorated like a formal dining room, even though the food was top-notch, but it felt comfortable and foreign all at the same time. It was like you’re in a cozy kitchen in Spain, waiting for something amazing. And we weren’t disappointed!

We ordered Spanish Chorizo and Crab Croquettes to start which were both excellent. The croquettes were soft and a good blend of crab and mashed potatoes and the Chorizo was unlike any I’ve ever tasted before. It was not too oily but pan seared with so much juice and flavor I couldn’t stop eating them. Ask Trit, I finished them off 😀

Then we got the staple for our main, and this was my favorite part about this dinner. We ordered the Paella Marinera, or the seafood paella. At $50, it was a paella meant for 2 people, but I swear a third person would have been helpful. The dish was served directly off the stove in the pan it was cooked in, rolled out to you with two plates and the server then prepares the first serving for each of you. The presentation alone made the paella so appealing, but that first bite surpassed my expectations. This is that part that will gross out those who don’t like seafood, but keep in mind they have a Chicken & Chorizo Paella as well as others with no seafood. I was taken aback by the seafood that was included in the mix, we had bay scallops, squid, shrimp, whitefish, mussels and lobster garnished with roasted red peppers and cilantro. My comfort food is rice with sauce, so for me this paella was heaven and I’ll be honest with you, any Hispanics reading this, if you grew up loving rice you will love this meal.

Well after finishing our paella and a half litre of wine, we needed some Spanish coffee to melt everything in, and boy was it great. I’m pretty sure they grind and brew their own coffee but the server may have been joking with us. Regardless from the wait staff down to the after dinner coffee, Segovia is a 5 star dining experience without the 5 star pricing.

So what are you waiting for? Go there NOW!


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