Can he quit, quitting?

Oh Brett. Brett, Brett, Brett. You were great at one time and in fact it can be said that even until the end you had a great record. But will you be remembered for your 70,000 plus yards, or your over 500 touchdowns? No, in fact it won’t be for your numerous visits to the Big Game or the great game you won your ring. The legacy of stellar football has been tarnished by the scandal and physical decline of your performance. You always have to remember Brett, that if you quit while you’re ahead you become a national hero. But if you quit when you’re down – everyone will remember the shame and scandal that circled around the toilet of your final flush. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Now the real question the media needs to be asking is, can he stay down? We’ve seen him come back twice now and as much as a comeback story is great for a made for TV movie, can he risk turning it  into a comedy where Brett Farve is played by Will Ferrell? I don’t know if Disney is going to get behind that.

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Brett, just stay retired. You tried for your second ring and you failed. You’ve been schooled and hurt and knocked down so many times this season, let this be your lesson – It’s over, you’re too old to play football anymore and if you want to have a career as a commentator or spokesperson or even a coach, you can’t afford any further embarrassment.

And that is all for today


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