New Toys

So this is it, my first post on this new laptop – yes I finally got my new laptop today and let me tell you, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster to get this thing up and running. I’m going to have to not only get used to a PC again but Windows 7 – wow, tomorrow is going to be the tutorial day to figure out how this thing works, but so far so good!

I forgot how long it takes to register a new computer, but this machine started worrying me when typing in my name took over 2 minutes. I’ve never seen a computer type so slow and I starting to think that maybe I got a Liz Lemon. I don’t know what was happening to it but finally I had to restart and it started running like a normal computer, and in fact it’s running really good now.

It was a huge releif because I almost had that dreaded moment when you realize you just got a brand new toy on Christmas morning and it was broken already. All that time waiting and you finally got the Thundercat’s Thundertank that popped up with the gun in the back, but sure enough, when you go to pop it for the first time it’s broke. No claw popping action, no extra gun turrets the toy was a dud. Sure you would get a replacement but the joy of playing with it on Christmas morning was not there anymore. I guess I just never had the patience to wait for the replacement.

Fortunately, after restarting this new toy, everything was up and fully functional and I can now finally enjoy my brand new laptop.

So don’t mind me but I’m going to play with my new toy 😀


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