Silver Lining

Well as much as I would have liked to have started with a Gold Medal celebration, it was not meant to be. The Jr team did play a good two periods….

You may be wondering why I decided to write a blog for every day of the year, I know it sounds weird. I’m not doing it for charity or to give people tips on how to live their lives (although I’m sure some people I know could use some help), I’m not looking for followers or the most appealing blog, I’m doing it for myself. Not many of you know (hopefully more than just Trit are reading this) but I want to be a writer. I want to tell stories and get my ideas out there for others to enjoy. I also want to make money while doing it and writing for comics and movies seems like a fun and familiar way of doing it. I was always one to try to tell the most epic story about how something happened but I’ve never been able to finish any of my stories (as mentioned in the post on December 30th) or get anything published – yet.

This blog is more to give me practice in finding a topic to write about, getting at least a few paragraph’s written, but also to explore things I’ve never experienced before. That’s why I’m going to propose a challenge for January – I want someone to come up with an idea for something new to try, and then we’ll share the experience together. So who’s got the first idea out there? Anyone?

And don’t forget, whatever you want me to experience, you need to be there beside me participating as well 😀



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