I’m just saying

Whatever happened to all those jobs you wanted to do when you were a kid. I know some people thought of being doctors, lawyers and accountants. Owning your own business or making clothes, or even owning your own McDonald’s franchise out on the side of the highway.

But what about those childish ambitions we had, the less realistic ones. The ones that we threw away because we realized that it wouldn’t be reasonable. But why couldn’t it be reasonable. I mean sure, being an artist or a rock star may not be in the cards for all of us, hell I wanted to be a cop when I was a kid but we all know that’s not happening.

I don’t know about you but I was all over the place as a kid. I wanted to be a doctor, a cop, a cowboy, a boxer, fireman, wrestler, pro soccer player, I wanted to do everything. But that didn’t happen when I realized what I was really cut out to do….well that one I’m still figuring out. I realize that there is no good reason I can’t still do all these things. Well maybe not all of them, but experiences that are close enough to give you the same feeling when you were a kid. For example, Cop: maybe I can’t uphold the law, but there’s no reason I can’t go to a shooting range and uphold the law in that little cubicle. Say you wanted to be a vet, well there’s no reason you can’t spend time volunteering to walk dogs at an animal hospital – you can be around dog’s and do something good all at the same time. Think about it, it may just bring back the creativity and adventure into your life.

I’m just saying….


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