There is a type of people who will never be happy about anything. No matter what Hollywood does for us and no matter who don’s the cape and cowl, fanboys will never be fully satisfied with Hollywood’s projection of our precious objects of affection.

To delve a little deeper into my character, I am a fanboy. I love sci-fi, comics and horror, I’ve been to comic conventions and lined up for hours to get a good seat for the midnight premier of the Star War’s re-releases (Worst. Lucas. Ever) and the LOTR trilogy. I will always stop into a comic shop and the best presents you can get me are stupid little collectible¬†figurines (but NEVER call them stupid). Basically I’m a nerd and I love it.

Now being a nerd there is one thing that I’m very vocal about and that is how Hollywood has ruined the potential to make some great comic-to-film adaptations. As fanboys we have the right to criticize what is wrong with the changes you’ve made to Wolverine (not having the yellow spandex and the mask were the worst decisions EVER) and praise casting decisions for some key role’s (J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson was just PERFECT). But this doesn’t mean that we won’t watch the movies, it just may mean that we won’t PAY to see these movies, and this is where Hollywood needs to listen to what fanboys have to say.

We are the Guardian’s of Oa, the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster. If you make the movie’s to our satisfaction we will go back and see the movies over and over and over again bringing in the revenue that you so desperately crave. So please, Hollywood fat cat’s, listen to me when I say that whenever you’re making a movie that will appeal to fanboys you need to hire one of us as the “Executive Fanboy in charge of Integrity” this way you can be assured of making a movie that will not only appeal to the masses (there’s a reason why we love the original characters so much) but will also drive us to stop downloading the crap you’re already putting out and bring us back into the theatre seat’s to pay for your films over and over again.

I’m just saying……live long and prosper!

p.s. the new Star Trek movie kicked ass!!!!


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