My Mobile World

We’re connected in a way that is borderline scary when it comes to the amount of social networking that goes on. My Facebook will tell you what I’ve been up to or what I’m thinking. My phone’s GPS will tell almost anyone where I am (especially the CIA) and my computer network allows me to bring my family closer then we already are.
I’ve been able to see my cousin’s kids grow up and know what they’re interested in even though I may have personally met them only a handful of times.
It frightens me sometimes when I think about how lazy it can make me and how much I would rather just creep someone’s Facebook page instead of calling them to see what’s up. I’m reminded of those chair-floating fatty’s in Walk-E that had everything they wanted at thier fingertips without moving a muscle. It scares me to think that with every new social app, we’re one step closer to sentencing ourselves to a life of sloth and laziness. Sure its great to be connected to everyone both far and away, but if we don’t keep ourselves in check we could end up that socially intraverted. Are you willing to pay that price?
I have made a commitment this year to try and see everyone at least once a month and hopefully I will get some time with everyone before I get sucked back into this virtual reality we all live in. In fact I think I’m going to put down my phone and interact with some non-virtual friends now, and I suggest you do the same

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