Back to the Future

I find that sometimes I start thinking of where my life was, is and will be and it makes me think about how I’d like to go back and change some things here and there. I know, I know, it’s part of the experience of learning and living, but there is just something about trying to make a better life for yourself that appeals to me.

Now I’m not talking about going back and stopping the bullet that killed Kennedy or Lennon, or assassinating Hitler. I’m talking about small things, like never picking up that first cigarette, or putting on a condom. I know that I would leave some of my savings where they were instead of cashing out some of my bonds and RRSP’s and listen to that voice that would tell me that’s not a smart thing to do. Sure Doc Brown warned us about the space/time continuum and how messing with the past would have disastrous consequences, but I’m sure that there are some things that would have positive consequences.

Take smoking for example. I used to be a smoker, and fortunately I didn’t suffer any long-term health problems (or so I think) but if I didn’t smoke I’d probably be healthier then I am now. But then again, there is a bond that you form with fellow smokers that can sometimes lead to some great business connections. In fact it was smoking that got me the inside scoop about a head office position that I was perfect for. Maybe I would have still heard about it, and maybe I would have got the job on my own, but the fact of the matter is that while having that cigarette with my manager I found out that there was a posting and that I would be well suited for the job. That smoker’s bond led me to get a recommendation from my smoking manager and got me out of a nowhere job and gave me some corporate experience that to this day proves to be invaluable.

So to meddle or not to meddle, that’s the question. If you could, would you and would your life really be better if you made the right decision instead of the wrong one. 

I’m just saying, is all…..


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