Comic Book Day

As a fanboy I feel that I have the need to vent a little and share something that is near and dear to me.

I love comics.

Since I was a little kid I always loved comics and the way they made me feel. They gave me strength and power and made me believe that no matter what, good would always prevail. As I got older that changed, and I started to feel that comics provided me the ability to express my inner anguish and torment – I guess as tormented as a stable middle class kid can get.

Then as an adult it became a bit of a secret shame. Well it wasn’t that cut and dry, but essentially it was a choice between staying a virgin forever or actually join the real world, at least that’s the way I looked at it. I mean I used to see the grown up nerds, you know the ones that didn’t move out of their homes and grow up. Sure that’s not every adult comic book nerd, but don’t tell me you don’t know at least one of these guys. I’ve met my fair share of them at the conventions that I’ve been to. Large, socially inept, collecting everything they can get their hands on.

So I left my comic books behind and focused on my love life, which didn’t end up panning out. The good thing about that was that just before things ended, I rediscovered my comics and that deeply buried sense of individuality. I got excited, once again, Wednesday’s meant that I could get refreshed and realize that life wasn’t actually that bad.

What I realized is that Wednesday’s brings out that kid in me again and I start to remember how reading those comics made me feel way back when life didn’t matter. Now when I go back to the comic store I remind myself that sometimes we let life get in the way and that we need to just remember back to when we were kids and unafraid to try anything. I may not be going to the comic store every Wednesday, but I sure as hell go every few months to get my fill and refresh my perspective.

It also makes me feel good because I also see so many “40 Year Old Virgin” types, and I thank the Guardians of Oa I took a break to get laid 🙂


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