Music Trap

I remember, back when I was in high school, seeing all those grown up’s who were stuck in a music groove. One vivid moment cemented it for me, it was the last day of camping on Manitoulin Island and we were in our car, waiting to drive onto the ferry to start the long drive home. Two lanes across from our car was this light blue Chevette that was tricked out. Now I mean that in a very sarcastic way because there is nothing you could do to a Chevette to make it look good.

This thing had tinted windows, a vented hood (for its sowing machine engine) and flames panted around the front wheel wells. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention it was also souped up with an amazing sound system that just seemed wrong in that kind of car. We had a half hour ferry wait, so this guy was sitting behind his car with his buddy, drinking some booze and rocking out to the tunes BLASTING from his hatchback. Now this is what I’d expect when I see modified Civic’s or Acuras, but from a Chevette it seems weird. On top of that he was blasting classic 70’s and 80’s rock. These guys must have been in their mid 30’s and were going on about how music peaked mid 80’s and today’s music didn’t even compare.

It was that day that I made a promise to myself that I was always going to try to be current with music and never be like those old guys who were stuck in an era where they were considered cool. Unfortunately I realized that there is so much that I’m out of touch with now that I’m approaching my mid 30’s that I need to get out of this music trap.

Recently I went through my phone and discovered that most of my music is at least 5-6 years old and seeing as I don’t listen to radio, I may as well go out and buy a Chevette, bring back my mullet and jean jacket. After talking to some people I realize that most of those who are in touch with new music either work in some online media company or those who have kids. Seeing as I don’t belong to either group I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to keep myself up to date with as much new music as possible so that I don’t get too old before my time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do plan on complaining about kids and their crazy music. But let that happen when I’m 80, not today.


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