Sabretooth Town

I’ve noticed that there is so much emphasis on youth in our current world. The media blasts us with commercials about regenerative creams and oils that can take years off and leave your skin feeling younger and blah, blah, blah.

As a dude, I’ll be the first to admit that what I look at is looks. Whether it’s instinct or just plain ol’ libido, we are drawn to attractiveness in women. Now this is what the media is targeting when they market these creams and oils it’s the insecurity in women to try to keep hold of their youth and attractiveness to men. But speaking honestly as a guy there is a deep-rooted attractiveness when it comes to older women. I won’t lie, when I see Megan Fox in a bikini, I get riled up. But I’ve had a crush on Stacy Dash is hot and she’s over 40.

Call it the Mrs. Robinson phenomena but every guy has fantasized about older women (high school teachers) teaching them a little something. I had my fair share of crushes when I was younger and even now when I look at some of Hollywood’s over 40 club, I still find myself getting riled up.

Like Mariska Hartigay, she’s gives the Special Victims Unit something special to look at. Marissa Tomei, I wish I knew her cousin Vinny. And have you seen Helen Mirren in a bikini??? I’m not trying to be rude but she takes the cougar to a new level. Bring on that sabretooth status.

And of course Ms. Demi Moore has been one of the women of Hollywood to fully embrace her cougar status and embrace her grace in her age by taking a younger guy and prove to the world that age doesn’t matter.

So whether you’re a cougar or a sabretooth, women of the world please embrace your age and recognize that we love you be it old or young there is something beautiful about a woman who embraces her beauty and the confidence it exudes.

Oh and my secret older crush? Eva Mendes granted she’s only 5 years older than me but I wish she was my babysitter when I was a kid 🙂


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