Take it for granted

It’s just not life if you go through it without getting handed a bag of lemons. No sooner had I started to make fun of how many people hated 2010 when I was handed my bag of lemons. Personally I was very rattled with the start of this year and I’m sure I am going to be one of those that will be tweeting “Good Riddance to 2011” on New Year’s Eve.

For me this year it was a combination of things that made me question why this year rolled around. There was no aspect of my life that was safe as my work and my personal life suffered huge blows. I have a job that makes me feel like I’m a puppet for my employer, and I used to be excited and passionate about what I do. The problem is that now I feel like I’m more like a stooge then actually working to make a difference. I mean the work I do is not really all that bad, but maybe the personal woe’s have jaded me a little more.

Personally my family has been forced to face a serious illness that has just shattered me to the core. As much as I know that my family and I will get through this it has made me look at everything differently. What I’ve realized is how much time we waste on things that are actually not that important. Is Facebook really that important when you look at how you live your life? What if you take all the effort that you put into Twitter and turn it into something meaningful like saving lives or creating pieces of art.

I guess what I’m saying that you should take the opportunity to make something meaningful of your life. If you love to sing then sing so that everyone can hear. If you love to cook then make taste-buds happy by creating culinary masterpieces. Do something that matters, because soon enough you’ll realize that your time has passed and you’re left with nothing but a sackful of regrets and nothing you can do about it.

Oh and lastly the Leaf’s are just 4 points out of the playoffs – let the hoping begin!!!


Will the real John Rambo please stand up…

A couple of hours ago I read that the Somalian pirate ship that was holding the 4 American yacht enthusiasts were killed before the US military was able to intercept and board the ship.

It bugs me that during this ordeal the news was reporting that the US military had to intercept the boat before they got back to Somalia, or else the hostages were as good as dead. Apparently with the political turmoil that is established in Somalia, the planet has decided that they can do what they want and only react when people are actually in trouble.

I think it has come to a time in our planet’s existence that each continent (at least) should come together and form a security force that can go in and out of wherever their country/continent need them to be.

I mean we have people in Hollywood who think of ways to entertain us with stories about mercenaries going into other countries and rescuing people with a hell-may-care attitude and everyone coming out alive. It may not be as easy to say that it can be done with a Hollywood happy ending, but we didn’t see a happy ending today.

Ideally I think the world should be able to come together and put it to a vote. A vote to determine if the results of this group should be dealt with quickly and without negotiations. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, and if they don’t value other’s lives, maybe it should be an indication that they don’t even value or respect their own lives.

Or maybe I should just turn that into a movie – either way I think I’ve started something here….

Too Wound Up

So it seems like this blog is bringing out a lot of the nerd in me.

As you already may have guessed I’m a huge comic book fan and a fan of the movies that they’ve spawned. I’ve watched and criticised them all and am fully confident that almost all of them could have been better. There are some that were done very well but for the most part they get reinvented and turn out pretty crappy.

Comic book nerds will always want to be the first to watch any of these films, either out of joy and anticipation (The Dark Knight or Iron Man) or to criticize the hell out of it (Fantastic Four 2, Electra, Catwoman – the list just goes on and on). Now recently I had a conversation with an old high school acquaintance about the upcoming X-Men movie and we actually disagreed about several points. I’m looking forward to this re-boot of the franchise and as with every other superhero flick I think it could go either way. I feel they’ve got a decent cast, a decent story and will have enough inside jokes that will make the movie successful.

My friend – we’ll call him Alou, had also some strong arguments that I think hold merit but despite of them will make the film watchable. We could have gone back and forth endlessly debating over the changes in the Marvel Universe and how the story deviates from its First Class inspiration.

That’s when it came to me – with all the failed adaptations the most common thread is that the director wanted to take the film outside of its element and make it relevant. Modernize it or stylized it in a way that would make it a box office smash. That was the problem and there was only one solution. As nerds, no matter our differences, we need to unite and form a committee or league or some sort of panel of the most respected nerds online and on the internet and grant them the executive ability to consult on all comic book films to ensure that the movie will be a success and will satisfy those with the highest expectations but also make the film fun for the rest of us.

This League, essentially a Comic Book Movie Justice League who can screen all adaptations and determine if they should even be released or not. Even though the idea sounds ridiculous I would rather have a group of my peers ensure that I don’t waste my time watching Daredevil or Spiderman 3.

I could have used that time to do so much more 😛

Our iWorld

I’ve been doing some research looking for a new MP3 player and I’ve been find it hard to find any legitimate reviews on non iPod devices.

I completely understand that the iPod is a generation changing phenomenon and I do admit that I’ve owned several iPod’s. I’ve had a G1 mini and the two different types of shuffles. What I find annoying is that whenever you’re looking at non-apple based mp3 players, everyone’s attitude changes. I admit that Apple’s MP3 players are top-notch and came out with some of the best tech for its time. But it has now produced a level of arrogance that doesn’t provide an unbiased comparison of any other MP3 players out there.

Being the kind of person that will do anything to not get the popular item, I’ve been looking for anything BUT an iPod as my next MP3 player. I don’t care too much about having a touch screen or apps, my android phone takes care of that for me. I just want something small and compact and that will play my music. All the reviews I’ve been reading have taken all the extra features that the iPod has and pointed out that each player doesn’t have the same quality of features that the iPod does.

The touchscreen isn’t as good, the menu is too simple, there is no support for podcast’s – you know when did a music player become so much more than just a music player? I understand that extra features and ease of use are important and I do admit that iPod’s have some great features. But when you writing an article comparing different music players you probably should just start by saying that anything that is not an iPod is just inferior. That’s just bad taste.

And just so you know, I’ve got a Macbook and a new gen iPod shuffle, so I don’t have anything against apple, just those that go gaga over anything Apple.

Missing Link

Being absent for a few days has definitely been stressful. Not because I haven’t been able to write but because It’s been an anxious few days for me. I’ve recently been applying for a new job (as my current one is driving me nuts) and after a couple of good interviews I’m now playing the waiting game to see who wants to give ol’ Sambo a chance.

I find that there some great motivation when you’re stuck in a boring position and you’ve got to grin and bear it, pretend you’re happy while you look for a new job. Most people wouldn’t care, they’d quit and just be done with the job. But I care, I need to keep getting paid until I actually land a new job.

I don’t understand when people just quit their jobs when they don’t have another one ready and waiting for them. I won’t lie, I’ve quit my job without having a new one but that was completely planned. We had some savings and I went on unemployment insurance and had the government pay for my summer off.

I guess the whole point of this blog is to just give me some peace of mind while I drive myself crazy hoping the job I want. Such is life right?

On a lighter note I just found out that one of my closest friends is getting married this year and there is going to be a sick wedding and bachelor party coming up soon. I know that girls get excited about weddings because of all the barfy happy feelings. I don’t care much about that – I just see it as an opportunity to get everyone together for a happy reason 😀

So when’s the wedding Shaun?

Muzzle It

I’ve always wondered what I would do if someone started smack about my dog. We live in a city where so many people from so many places come together and share the same space. The same streets, stores, public transit. A place where those with large dogs can be perceived as dangerous.

I’ll be the first to admit that my Doberman, Vegas, can look pretty terrifying. But when you get to know him he’s more like a large baby then a menacing dog. That does not stop people from judging and I still see people jump out-of-the-way or pull away from him. I even had one guy hold his breath once and let out a huge sigh of relief after we passed by.

Today was different though, today I unfortunately had to take Vegas to the vet on the bus. This is always challenging and this time was no different. Vegas is never comfortably riding the bus, but he does it just to appease me. I always hope for one that’s a little emptier and fortunately I got one. When I got on the bus the driver started chatting me up, big fan of Dobies so I thought the ride was going to be good. It started getting busier so I took a seat near the back doors. When I sat down a little old Jamaican lady turned to me and asked me where his muzzle was.

I wanted to ask her where her muzzle was and how she was allowed out without it. But something inside me decided to humor her for a bit. I ended up having a really nice conversation with her and it turns out that she lost a thumb because of a dog. Now it wasn’t actually the dog that took her thumb but the owner ended up pulling on the leash, catching her thumb in the prong collar, ripping off her thumb. After talking a bit about it I realized that she just needed to talk to someone about why she was scared to make it realize that it wasn’t the dog she was terrified was, but of the memory of the lost digit.

When I got off the bus, she pet Vegas and said goodbye with a smile. I guess the lesson for me here was that even when we may be prepared to take someone’s head off for a misconceived comment, we shouldn’t always react so brutally. You may find that there is something more than just what we perceive and getting to understand others may in fact be the key to not overreacting.

But believe me, I’m still overly protective of my dog – I dare you to say something bad about him.

Nerd Alert

So I’ve finally been able to get a snapshot of my favourite moment of this year’s Superbowl. It wasn’t during  the tremendous first half by Green Bay or while the Steelers waged their comeback battle. The moment for me was when we were finally introduced to the first trailer for Captain America. And on top of that we were given the very first image of the Red Skull. They took a classic Captain America villain and brought him to life and I’ve got to admit they got it bang on.

Now I know that most people have some hesitations about this film, and that’s valid. With failed attempts like Wolverine: Origins, Fantastic Four 2 and Spider-Man 3, Marvel needs this movie to succeed in order to have the upcoming Avengers project to get off to a good start.

Now this glimpse of the Red Skull was only on the screen for no more than one second but it was clear as day and the first time I’ve seen Hugo Weaving in the Red Skull makeup. I was never big into Captain America but it doesn’t mean I love the genre any less and to have Marvel evolve one of  their pillar’s onto the big screen is exciting. As a DC fan it’s kind of like the first time you saw Superman take to the skies.

But now I’m just ranting – the point of my rant is that this is going to be an exciting year  for comic book adaptations. Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Cowboys & Aliens and Captain America. I can’t remember when we’ve had such a promising crop of potential blockbuster comic book films!

Except for X-Men, I’m not excited about that one in the least 😀