January Blues (or what I did last month)

After the first month of my blog a day challenge I’d like to say that I’m successfully on track with the goal’s I’ve set for the year. However that’s not the case and for January I had only 19 post’s for the month. That’s not bad, if you look  back and realize that it’s more than double the amount of post’s that I had since I started this blog.

So with February here I’m a day behind schedule but balancing work and school and blogging has been hard, but not impossible. Seeing as there are 28 days in February I’m going to try to have at least the same amount of post’s if not more than I had in January.

So now that I’ve addressed my progress, today I wanted to address something that has been bugging me for the past decade. I’ve lived in Toronto, Ontario my entire life. Throughout my childhood I remember the winters being snowy but manageable and summers being hot but comfortable.

Now before I start to blame it all on the global warming and climate change, we need to realize that these weather changes that have happened over the past couple of decades can be blamed on many things but to just throw out buzz words like that is just kinda dumb.

I don’t blame it entirely on people but I think we’ve helped speed up the process in which our world collapses on itself. If you think about, there’s almost nothing natural in this world that doesn’t come with an expiration date. Produce and food, coupons and sales, even people have a life expectancy. Eventually everything will eventually deteriorate and our planet is not any different. I think that by adding to that with all the man-made and machine-made exhaust we may just be speeding up the process.

So I say just enjoy the way the weather has been changing, if you’ve never had snow before have fun with it. At least there will be one fun thing about the world coming to an end 😀


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