My Zombie Universe

With a new month upon us, I decided to change the format of my page and in doing so I’ve found a picture that brought up some very happy memories. The picture that you see on the top of this page was taken at the Pemberton Music festival almost 3 years ago which was an amazing experience. This picture doesn’t remind me of the festival though, to me this picture makes me think of an impending zombie apocalypse.

I have always loved horror movies and the zombie genre has always excited me. I think it started when I was kid and I used to read old Visionary comics. The base concept was that the world that we knew and were used to suddenly changed to the point where nobody could live the way they used to. In the comics I used to read it was a world fueled by science and technology and in one magical moment all science and tech was useless and magic and myth took over. Everyone had to adapt and re-discover their skills in order to survive.

To me, that’s what appeals to me about having a zombie apocalypse, our world would be turned on its head and we would have to really reach deep down and find out what we’re all really made of. We’d be left with a shell of a world and the strongest would have to rally the troops to try to keep the human species alive. Those that thought they’d be leaders may not have the strength to keep hope alive, and those  that were always content in their lives would step up and show the remaining survivors how the human spirit is more than just food for the living dead.

So look deep within yourself – what would you do in a zombie outbreak. Would you run and hide or would you take control and ensure the survival of the human race. I know what I’d do, and that involves a Shaun of the Dead style zombie adventure. Who’s up for a pint at the Winchester?!


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