The Clintos Experience

I’ve accepted my first challenge from a friend of mine who has advised me that my blog has no substance because he’s not mentioned in it. Therefore I’d like to tell you a story inspired by true events. Names, events and locations have all been changed to protect those involved in this story.

This story begins more than 6 years ago in a small town called Niagara Falls. A town that brought two countries together in an epic struggle to obtain control of the power that was the waterfall. This is where I met Clint MacLeod. Adventurer, aspiring pilot and connoisseur of fine ale’s. Since our first meeting we had been in direct competition with each other and at every meeting we would try to see who could consume as much as possible, bonding with every ale we consumed.

We would drink to the point where we ended up doing very stupid and painful things, like the time we drank so much that we started butting head’s like football players, only we weren’t wearing any helmets. And then there was the time we stayed up all night drinking until we couldn’t feel any more feelings. Actually I think every story starts and ends this way and as much as I’m trying to think of something different every road that I’ve ever journeyed with Clint led to drinking or head-butting.

There is however one challenge that made us better friends and didn’t involve us becoming drunken lout’s (well not for the entire time). Last year we packed ourselves and a motley crew of deck hands and took the high tidal waters of the Ottawa River. Some of the most challenging rapids in North America was our quest and we conquered that beast and then some. We spent two days on the water and learning to raft was only one part of the challenge. We also really learned how to work together to overcome the most challenging obstacles together and how to take a rag-tag team of wannabe pirates to victory down the river.

But don’t let him fool you – I ended up being the better pirate than he did that trip. And don’t let him tell you otherwise matey! YARRR!!!


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