Superbowl Memories

Being Superbowl Sunday, I’m preparing for a night of beer, wings, snacks and some really great football. Being the first year I’m not making big deal out of it I’m reminded back to some classic games and classic parties hosted at Casa Di Sambo over the years. The two that really stick out in recent years were Superbowl 42 and 43.

Superbowl 42 was the last Superbowl seen on my old 21 inch tube tv that was way too small for my apartment and my dog. With the Giant Sized Vegas blocking the TV, a modest group of guys gathered at my place to watch the Giants incredible comeback victory over the Patriots. Seeing as I haven’t seen my Dallas Cowboys play in a Superbowl since 1995, cheering for the underdog has brought me joy no matter who’s playing in the big game. And seeing the Patriots get beat in the dying minutes made my season. Sure having a team go 19-0 in the season would have been cool, but I want to reserve that statistic for the Cowboys. I’m sure they’ll do it one year.

The following year, we learned our lesson and invested in my 50″ plasma baby. This TV is SICK and we christened the new addition to our family by throwing the mother of all Superbowl parties. We had so many people packed into our living room as we watched the Steelers earn the win after a successful season. I wasn’t happy about the win, seeing as the Steelers set a record for the most Lombardi trophies won a record that was formerly held as a three-way tie including Dallas and San Francisco. But the party was great and everyone left drunk, satisfied and still basking in the glory that was HD football.

So today is going to be another great game (boo Steelers, go Packers!), I’m sure and even though the audience is small, the food will be no less glorious, the TV is still very impressive and the football should be top-notch. So to this Superbowl and every other one to follow, I salute you and hope to see my Cowboys back on top and ready to take another Lombardi trophy very soon.


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