Coffee Time?

One of the fancy new features I was looking forward to when I got my new laptop was being able to be mobile with my computer and take myself out of the office and into the real world. Experience the elemental joy of writing out in the world and seeing the things around me impact the way I think.

Now I’m sitting at a Starbucks, with a coffee and the only thing I want to do is just go home and sit in my nice office to get some work done. It’s kinda cool being out and not being cooped up in the condo, but I swear it’s a little exposing and overwhelming being out in the open like this. I’m not sure I like it.

I am a bit of a privacy nut and I swear every Tom, Dick and Harry is staring over my shoulder just waiting to steal some of my idea’s or just read what I’m writing. But the most irritating think about it is that I can’t help but just sit and stare at those people around me. There’s a couple, it looks like their designers or architect’s or something, but they’re having a meeting in the corner, making calls and looking busy. There’s someone right in front of me who’s doing the same thing I am – well maybe he’s not ranting about being in a Starbucks, writing his heart out but he’s on a laptop as well.

Then they’re the kids.

They range from 4 to 16 and they’re all amusing the hell out of me. The little ones are funny because they’re obviously excited about being in such a grown up place like a coffee shop and are telling stories about what they did in school and what games they’re playing. I guess they’re in training for being future java junkies, it’s what all the cool kids do right? They older ones are always funny because they they’re literally talking about who is dating who and what’s going on for valentine’s day, is it really cheating if you kissed someone before you officially broke up with someone else. I guess some things never change.

I even had someone walk up to me and ask if I was waiting for them and if I was Jeremy. Do I look like a Jeremy, maybe a Miguel, or Pedro, I’d even accept a Haroon or Ravinder but Jeremy? I didn’t think I could pull of such a white name.

Anyways, the point of the story is that whatever productivity I thought I was going to get out of the coffee shop was just thrown out the window, other people’s lives are simply more interesting on the surface then getting any work done. I guess that’s the coffee shop life, eh?

Two positives out of this whole experience is that it gave me enough fodder to blog about the people around me, and secondly I can pull off a white name like Jeremy. Oh and they’ve got some really good Jazz interpretations of some classic R&B tunes from the 70’s. Not a bad cup of coffee if you ask me 🙂


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