Missing Link

Being absent for a few days has definitely been stressful. Not because I haven’t been able to write but because It’s been an anxious few days for me. I’ve recently been applying for a new job (as my current one is driving me nuts) and after a couple of good interviews I’m now playing the waiting game to see who wants to give ol’ Sambo a chance.

I find that there some great motivation when you’re stuck in a boring position and you’ve got to grin and bear it, pretend you’re happy while you look for a new job. Most people wouldn’t care, they’d quit and just be done with the job. But I care, I need to keep getting paid until I actually land a new job.

I don’t understand when people just quit their jobs when they don’t have another one ready and waiting for them. I won’t lie, I’ve quit my job without having a new one but that was completely planned. We had some savings and I went on unemployment insurance and had the government pay for my summer off.

I guess the whole point of this blog is to just give me some peace of mind while I drive myself crazy hoping the job I want. Such is life right?

On a lighter note I just found out that one of my closest friends is getting married this year and there is going to be a sick wedding and bachelor party coming up soon. I know that girls get excited about weddings because of all the barfy happy feelings. I don’t care much about that – I just see it as an opportunity to get everyone together for a happy reason 😀

So when’s the wedding Shaun?


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