Our iWorld

I’ve been doing some research looking for a new MP3 player and I’ve been find it hard to find any legitimate reviews on non iPod devices.

I completely understand that the iPod is a generation changing phenomenon and I do admit that I’ve owned several iPod’s. I’ve had a G1 mini and the two different types of shuffles. What I find annoying is that whenever you’re looking at non-apple based mp3 players, everyone’s attitude changes. I admit that Apple’s MP3 players are top-notch and came out with some of the best tech for its time. But it has now produced a level of arrogance that doesn’t provide an unbiased comparison of any other MP3 players out there.

Being the kind of person that will do anything to not get the popular item, I’ve been looking for anything BUT an iPod as my next MP3 player. I don’t care too much about having a touch screen or apps, my android phone takes care of that for me. I just want something small and compact and that will play my music. All the reviews I’ve been reading have taken all the extra features that the iPod has and pointed out that each player doesn’t have the same quality of features that the iPod does.

The touchscreen isn’t as good, the menu is too simple, there is no support for podcast’s – you know when did a music player become so much more than just a music player? I understand that extra features and ease of use are important and I do admit that iPod’s have some great features. But when you writing an article comparing different music players you probably should just start by saying that anything that is not an iPod is just inferior. That’s just bad taste.

And just so you know, I’ve got a Macbook and a new gen iPod shuffle, so I don’t have anything against apple, just those that go gaga over anything Apple.


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