Too Wound Up

So it seems like this blog is bringing out a lot of the nerd in me.

As you already may have guessed I’m a huge comic book fan and a fan of the movies that they’ve spawned. I’ve watched and criticised them all and am fully confident that almost all of them could have been better. There are some that were done very well but for the most part they get reinvented and turn out pretty crappy.

Comic book nerds will always want to be the first to watch any of these films, either out of joy and anticipation (The Dark Knight or Iron Man) or to criticize the hell out of it (Fantastic Four 2, Electra, Catwoman – the list just goes on and on). Now recently I had a conversation with an old high school acquaintance about the upcoming X-Men movie and we actually disagreed about several points. I’m looking forward to this re-boot of the franchise and as with every other superhero flick I think it could go either way. I feel they’ve got a decent cast, a decent story and will have enough inside jokes that will make the movie successful.

My friend – we’ll call him Alou, had also some strong arguments that I think hold merit but despite of them will make the film watchable. We could have gone back and forth endlessly debating over the changes in the Marvel Universe and how the story deviates from its First Class inspiration.

That’s when it came to me – with all the failed adaptations the most common thread is that the director wanted to take the film outside of its element and make it relevant. Modernize it or stylized it in a way that would make it a box office smash. That was the problem and there was only one solution. As nerds, no matter our differences, we need to unite and form a committee or league or some sort of panel of the most respected nerds online and on the internet and grant them the executive ability to consult on all comic book films to ensure that the movie will be a success and will satisfy those with the highest expectations but also make the film fun for the rest of us.

This League, essentially a Comic Book Movie Justice League who can screen all adaptations and determine if they should even be released or not. Even though the idea sounds ridiculous I would rather have a group of my peers ensure that I don’t waste my time watching Daredevil or Spiderman 3.

I could have used that time to do so much more 😛


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