Will the real John Rambo please stand up…

A couple of hours ago I read that the Somalian pirate ship that was holding the 4 American yacht enthusiasts were killed before the US military was able to intercept and board the ship.

It bugs me that during this ordeal the news was reporting that the US military had to intercept the boat before they got back to Somalia, or else the hostages were as good as dead. Apparently with the political turmoil that is established in Somalia, the planet has decided that they can do what they want and only react when people are actually in trouble.

I think it has come to a time in our planet’s existence that each continent (at least) should come together and form a security force that can go in and out of wherever their country/continent need them to be.

I mean we have people in Hollywood who think of ways to entertain us with stories about mercenaries going into other countries and rescuing people with a hell-may-care attitude and everyone coming out alive. It may not be as easy to say that it can be done with a Hollywood happy ending, but we didn’t see a happy ending today.

Ideally I think the world should be able to come together and put it to a vote. A vote to determine if the results of this group should be dealt with quickly and without negotiations. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, and if they don’t value other’s lives, maybe it should be an indication that they don’t even value or respect their own lives.

Or maybe I should just turn that into a movie – either way I think I’ve started something here….


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