Take it for granted

It’s just not life if you go through it without getting handed a bag of lemons. No sooner had I started to make fun of how many people hated 2010 when I was handed my bag of lemons. Personally I was very rattled with the start of this year and I’m sure I am going to be one of those that will be tweeting “Good Riddance to 2011” on New Year’s Eve.

For me this year it was a combination of things that made me question why this year rolled around. There was no aspect of my life that was safe as my work and my personal life suffered huge blows. I have a job that makes me feel like I’m a puppet for my employer, and I used to be excited and passionate about what I do. The problem is that now I feel like I’m more like a stooge then actually working to make a difference. I mean the work I do is not really all that bad, but maybe the personal woe’s have jaded me a little more.

Personally my family has been forced to face a serious illness that has just shattered me to the core. As much as I know that my family and I will get through this it has made me look at everything differently. What I’ve realized is how much time we waste on things that are actually not that important. Is Facebook really that important when you look at how you live your life? What if you take all the effort that you put into Twitter and turn it into something meaningful like saving lives or creating pieces of art.

I guess what I’m saying that you should take the opportunity to make something meaningful of your life. If you love to sing then sing so that everyone can hear. If you love to cook then make taste-buds happy by creating culinary masterpieces. Do something that matters, because soon enough you’ll realize that your time has passed and you’re left with nothing but a sackful of regrets and nothing you can do about it.

Oh and lastly the Leaf’s are just 4 points out of the playoffs – let the hoping begin!!!


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