Movie Reviews – March 3, 2011

Upon the suggestion of my beautiful wife I’ve decided to write a couple of reviews on some movies that I haven’t seen yet.

What?? That doesn’t sound right does it? Usually you have to watch the film then form an opinion on it and tell others. Isn’t that the way it goes? But the thing is I like to predict how much a movie will succeed or fail before it comes out. I used to do this back when I used to manage a theatre. It was a fun way to pass the time and I wasn’t too bad at it.

In fact recently my wife and I made a wager about who would win the box office top spot between Justin Beiber: Never Say Never and Just Go With It. I backed the Adam Sandler flick and was not disappointed. So without further delay here are this weeks predictions for: Battle: Los Angeles, Mars Needs Mom’s and Red Riding Hood

Now this is the way I see it. Battle was one that I had initially thrown away. The concept seemed like a reboot of Independence Day or War of the Worlds and with the recent failure of Skyline, I was ready to put it out to pasture. But then I took a good hard look at the cast and concept and I actually got excited about it. Aaron Eckhart is a quality actor and the plot seems to have some potential. Humans vs. Aliens, good vs. evil – all this film needed to succeed is the ability to make us feel like we’re banded together as a planet and fighting a common enemy. I loved it when Will Smith punched out the alien he captured and welcomed him to earth. Classic!

Now this is up against Red Riding Hood and like Ever After, it’s a re-invention of a traditional classic kids tale, making it current and relevant to what’s popular today. Werewolves are classic and making red riding hood less about the wolf and more about the myth may be what can make this movie good. Amanda Seyfried hasn’t disappointed me yet but she’s still quite young. I look at this film and think this has a little potential as well – but I’m also reminded of The Brothers Grimm and how mediocre that left me feeling. With Riding Hood, I think it could go either way.

Then lastly Mars Needs Moms is going to perform as expected. It’s the only kids movie out right now and with March Break fast approaching every kid is going to want to watch this.

So in my opinion, Battle is going to reign at the box office, but Riding Hood will surprise a lot of people. So whatever you go and see this weekend you probably won’t be disappointed, so enjoy!


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