Movie Reviews – Time Travelling

So seeing as how last week I actually wrote about movies that were coming out this week, I’m going to highlight a movie that I’m looking forward to this April.

Your Highness is set in Medieval times and puts James Franco and Danny McBride together as brothers that couldn’t be more different. The basic plot of the story has the noble Prince Fabious (James Franco) on a mission to rescue his beloved Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), it’s your typical damsel in distress story with a bit of a twist. They way I see it it’s more of a buddy movie as Franco’s character is joined by his under-achieving slacker brother,  Thaddius (Danny McBride), is forced to tag along and man up by their father, the king.

So why would James Franco do a stupid funny stoner film? Did you see Pineapple Express!? Not only can he do drama and action but comedy also comes naturally to the Oscar nominated star. Rounding out the high-profile cast is Oscar winner Natalie Portman who takes on an action role and tags along as a hired good to the mismatched brothers.

In my opinion, what’s going to really make this film stand out will be the chemistry between Franco and McBride. As long as they use the damsel in distress story as a backdrop for the “buddy film” main story this could turn out to be the sleeper that Pineapple Express was.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it below – and if you’re heading to the theatres this weekend please make sure you catch Battle:Los Angeles – it’s going to be EPIC!


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