Movie Review – Paul

This past Tuesday was my little sister’s last 20’s birthday. As in previous year’s we spent the day enjoying some good food, good drinks and a really good movie. My sister (Ro) her boyfriend (Drew) and myself went to go see Paul, which I have been dying to see.

I guess my love for Nick Frost and Simon Pegg started when I discovered Shaun of the Dead. It’s satirical British take on my favourite horror genre. They made zombies lovable and then came back with Hot Fuzz to turn the buddy cop genre on its head. With Paul they took it to a whole new direction and they made me actually love the little alien.

I wasn’t a fan of Seth Rogan voicing the americanized extra terrestrial when I first heard about the movie. I’ve got some history with Seth, but we’ll dive deeper into that story later.  So colour me surprised when Seth’s alien buddy was actually quite endearing. He played the character cool and collective and gave him that cool-guy persona that everyone wants to hang around with. Kinda like ET meets the Fonz. Eehhhhhhhh!

Now combine that with my favourite British duo of Nick and Simon and that makes for one of the best road trip movies I’ve seen in a long time. But unlike ET, this one comes with car chases, swearing aliens, drugs and booze and an awesome explosion to cap it off.

Bottom line – this movie was FUN. Think of everything that was too G-rated about ET and replace with R rated content. That’s basically a summary of what Paul brings to the table. Plus I just love anything that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg do. So please go see this movie and Nick and Simon, thanks for a great ride.


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