Superman – the debacle

Alex Ross

I realized that there are so many people out there who have comments on comic book adaptations, everyone’s a critic. Some of the biggest films have been done and re-done. Some have succeeded and some have failed brutally. The problem comes down to the expectations that people have of what the movie should have, and then what Hollywood actually does.

Look at Superman, here is one DC character that has such a rich array of villains and such potential and I’ve seen Lex Luthor so many times that I feel that he has been overused as a the anti-Kent.

So now that there is a new Superman reboot coming are they actually going to use some thing new, that hasn’t been done before. But they’re dipping into the Gerneral Zod storyline again. Sure I loved Terrance Stamp as Zod, he was the exact opposite of Clark and gave us a villain who could stand toe to toe and battle Supes punch for punch.

So here is a list of Villains who I think that would have been a much better pick for the headlining baddie in this flick

1. Bizzarro – sure he’s got to be introduced by Lex as a clone created by Luthorcorp, but there is so much more you can do with him. It could be an experiment gone wrong through Star Labs, make it a Frankenstein type story. A baddie that at the end gives up his life to save Supes from:

2. Parasite – in conjunction with Bizzarro he could really put Supes in a bind and give the Man of Steel a run for his money

3. & 4. Mongul & Darseid – two aliens, different species but both have a great reason to kill Superman or even use him as a member of their personal zoo. I don’t care, hell one of them can even introduce:

5. Braniac – another great villain, whichever way you look at him. He bottled the city of Kandor, travelled through time and evolved to battle Superman time and time again.

So many choices and you go with General Zod again. I guess I’ll have to write my own version of the Superman story that I want to see.


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