The Stockyards

My friend Haroon has been bugging me for weeks to go with him to the Stockyards to have, in his opinion, one of the best burgers in town. I finally conceded and this week we went to check out what he claimed was the best diner in the St. Clair West area, and boy howdy! This place is awesome. It’s not a huge place but definitely a great spot for a good hearty dose of comfort BBQ.
I am going to have to go back because looking over the menu I wanted to try a bit of everything! Only because I’m such a huge fan of BBQ pork, did the Porchetta trump the burger and when I took a bite of that fennel and garlic scented pork loin, pork belly and cracklings on a toasted bun and all topped with rapini -I knew I was home. The combination of flavours was just miraculous. The sweetness of the pork mixed with the sharp contrast of the sautéed rapini was such a perfect pairing that there was no need to add any other sauces or condiments it was just meant to be.
The monster belly of my eating companion was brave enough to go for the griddle smashed Double burger topped with arugula, caramelized onions and aged cheddar, MAN that looked good. I had the buyer’s remorse for about 30 seconds, or however long it took me to take a bit out of my porchetta sandwich.
I’m not going to lie, next time I’m heading back for a griddle smashed burger and some fried chicken to boot. And that next time is probably going to come soon. Anyone game for coming with me??


One comment

  1. Drew · March 31, 2011

    IN! I am TOTALLY in.

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