Movie Reviews – April 1st

I hate and love the spring!

I love it because the snow is melting, the temperature is rising and the city comes alive giving you so much more to see and do.

I hate the spring because of the lack of quality movies coming out. It always seems like the time of year to dish out those movies that the studios take a chance on and will most likely flop.

This week we have Insidious, Source Code and Hop. Now aside from the Hop, the other two have some definite potential. Source Code’s concept is quite interesting and will draw crowds. Jake and Maggie have some great chemestry and will possible let this be an exception to the spring rule.
Insidious gives us a new type if horror from the same guy who directed Saw. Without the gore and blood it could still scare the pant off you.

My recommendation for this week would be to wait till Your Highness or Arthur next week, but if u must then just remember to avoid Hop and you should have an enjoyable time at the movies!


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