The Guvernator

I always try to look at the bright side when it comes to anything that comes out related to comic books and cartoons. When I was young I really wanted to be a cartoonist and draw for a living. I was ok, but I never really practiced my craft. I found that more than drawing, I loved making up scenarios where my hero would have to save the city, get the girl and capture the villain or else perish.

But when I see that Ah-nold is now coming out with his own comic book/cartoon/3D feature film about being the Guvernator – a private citizen by day and crime fighter by night, I have to just shake my head and sigh. I mean REALLY!!!

If you're going to invest in doing something like this then do your research and get a good writing/directing team to pull of something worthwhile. Don't just commercialize a stupid nickname that was given to you and then turn it into a Terminator vs. Transformers story starring the music of the Black Eyed Peas.

If that was the case then I should take my nickname (Sambonator) and pump out some Rambo meets Terminator superhero that does nothing but saves John Connor from the jungle.

So here is the trailer for the new Ah-nold project, watch it and tell me what you think. I’ll be honest I had fun watching it, but not in the way you may think. I laughed out loud at how ridiculous it is. I hope it doesn’t bomb, for Ah-nold’s sake.


One comment

  1. clintos · April 5, 2011

    meh… I like it.
    But what the hell do I know.

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