Rainy days

Most people hate the rain. I say why u be hatin?

Sunny summer days are great, but there is something cozy and inviting about rainy days. When I was a kid I remember sitting in my living room during thunderstorms and watching the rain form rivers in front of my house on its way to the storm drains. I would look at the debris floating down the mini river and would imagine myself floating on a leaf tackling the wilds of the rapids caused by the hill I lived on.
Yeah I have a wildly vivid imagination, but it gave me a love of rain and water. Water gives me a sense of purity and adventure, and feels so refreshing. If you think about it, water is the lifeblood of all living plant and animal life. Lots of spring rain gives a great start to summer crops and we can last without food longer then we can without water.

Maybe you don’t like being wet and I won’t lie, I hate being soaked and having to stay in wet clothes too. But even when I’m soaked I still enjoy the feeling I get when I get home, change into dry clothes and watch the rain.

Maybe its my perspective.

Or maybe I should just move to Seattle 🙂


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