Simian Mutiny

As I sit here eating breakfast thinking – I wonder in what year did the apes rise against humans and establish dominance, eventually leading up to the planet of the apes disaster.

Well it’s not exactly like that, I first watched the new trailer for the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes and THEN I started thinking about a simian uprising and what it would take for humans to survive something that….different?

It’s an interesting concept and after I saw the original planet of the apes I always wondered what were we trying to do that we made super-smart apes. Why were we so driven to mess around with something that eventually led to our ultimate demise. The funny thing there are quite a few movies that do pretty well that are based on human survival after some devastating annihilation of the human species.

Take the Matrix – complete success and completely surrounding the fact that humans messed with machines and machines kicked our asses. We built them strong to do what we couldn’t and wouldn’t do, but in trying to create them smarter and self-sufficient we made them sentient and thus killed ourselves in the process.

Then there is every Zombie movie ever made – we meddled with a way to cure something which just ended up killing us and bringing our recently dead back to live lusting for our flesh. Deliciously grotesque but again poses the risk of having all of humanity taken over by these creatures.

Whatever the scenario, the bottom line is that humans don’t win and it’s not about success in thwarting the attacking foe – it’s about the human condition and we must go through to survive such a horrific and brutal attack. If this new Planet of the Apes prequel is to stand out and be successful it should separate itself from having the hope of humans overcoming the apes, but the hopelessness of knowing that the apes will win and we are all screwed!

Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself! I don’t know about you, but I’m never testing on a monkey again. Bobo, you’re free to go….


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