Long Gun Registry

Riddle me this – Why does a hunter need 10 guns?

In fact why does anybody need that many weapons in general, be it guns, crossbows, knives, swords, etc.

The argument on both sides of the long gun registry debate are heated there is no real solution that will appease everyone. The side that wants to own guns will fight to no end to make us realize that it’s a burden on the hunter and that it’s not reasonable to ask for them to pay to possess weapons that kill. Not to stereotype, but many of the populace that wants the registry scrapped are those that follow a conservative lifestyle. These are the people who feel that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed, voted for George W. (proudly) and would have been the first to strike the match to burn the Qur’an.

Then we have the other side…… to be honest, I don’t know how to stereotype the liberal contingent but I’ll give it a shot: those peace-loving, marriage ruining, pot smoking let anything slide liberals that would rather tax the rich and let anyone, even terrorists, into our country!!

Lordy, lordy, I really had to reach into my inner redneck for that one. Although I think I made Jeff Foxworthy proud. Now even though that sounds very Liberal, I don’t want to confuse you and make you think that I’m actually siding with Iggy. In fact if you need to know my political agenda, I’m neither Liberal NOR Conservative – Iggy and Harper both have a face that only a mother could trust.

But back to the topic at hand. In my opinion, the real issue is the kind of weapon being targeted (long guns) and the costs involved. Wouldn’t it make sense to incorporate the gun registry with all existing permit and licensing requirements/costs anyways. When you buy a car you have to pay taxes, freight, licensing and registration. And then there is insurance and that is based on what your driving record is – oh I forgot there’s regular maintenance and gas……..bottom line there are a LOT of costs for owning a car. It’s an item that can potentially kill and cause severe damage if not used properly.

Can’t a gun do the same?

Shouldn’t it be just as expensive to ensure that affording a gun is a luxury for those that are true enthusiasts not just your average Billy Bob, Jim-Jimmy-Joe and Randy Redneck. I know I’m being harsh but let’s be honest here – it’s a tool that’s only purpose is to kill, and EVERY firearm in Canada should be taxed, registered and then possibly taxed again.

But that’s if I was in charge. Hell if I was in charge then I would also criminalize tobacco, legalize marijuana, make it illegal to have children without a license, and tax the corporate world to ensure that all citizens have equal access to healthcare and a decent standard of living.

Sound kinda communist eh? Well you know who else preached communism? Jesus – that’s who. Look it up, he wanted everyone treated equally and that nobody left wanting anything. That’s the basic edict of communism folks, not the right to bear arms. Although it’d be cool to have a couple of bear arms mounted in my living room – shit my redneck is showing again.

Oh am I going to make some enemies with this one – but that’s freedom of speech right?!

Bring your worst internet!!!



  1. clintos · April 20, 2011

    We need our guns to defend our constitution. Ass.

    • sinisterjack · April 22, 2011

      LOL – i’m sorry, you’re right, we all need guns as much as Canada needs F-35’s, and Stephen Harper, and don’t forget Gilles Douche-eppe

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