Would the real Bin Laden please stand up!

So this is going to the second in my “will the real…” series and what I really want to do is make u think. Most of my opinions may be ridiculous, unpopular and a little controversial but think about it – how do we know Osama is really dead?
Yeah it’s the Hitler theory re-visited, but I’m serious when I say that the “at sea” burial seems a little fishy. Islamic law does dictate that the body be buried within 24 hours, but it seems like everything in haste. If I was Obama, I would want to see the body with my own eyes, or shall I remind you about the WMD fiasco.
For the sake of the US people I hope he is dead, I’d hate to see this blow up in Obama’s face if Osama ever came back.

He was buried at sea, presumed dead. But when the body of Bin Laden came in contact with an undersea meteor it revived the evil and transformed him into…
50′ tall, the assumed corpse has risen from his watery grave with one goal in mind – REVENGE!
Can the free world stop him before he 9/11’s the entire USA!?

Starring, Andy Samberg as Joe Biden, Fred Armison as BarakĀ  Obama and Andy Serkis as Mecha-Bin Laden

This summer, nobody is safe from the WMD’s, weapons of mecha destruction!


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