Judgement Day

Today is the last day of all of our lives. At least that’s what Harold Camping has people believing.

So what am I spending the last day of my life doing? Working. Unlike most Canadians, my long weekend ended yesterday and even through I have Monday off I work for the next 2 days.  However all this rapture talk has made me think about what I would be doing today if the world was actually going to end.

This in itself poses a different problem, what do you do when the end of the world is nigh? I haven’t been to New Zealand and I haven’t been to a World Cup game, I’ve always wanted to have a book published but these are all tasks that can’t be accomplished in just one day. So if this were actually going to be the last day of civilization as we know it, then I’d start with taking my dog Vegas for a nice long walk. I enjoy our walks, they allow us to bond and see things in a different light. When we’re out on the street, he’ll stop to sniff things that are only interesting to him. The break allows me to absorb the beauty of my surroundings and I notice things that I would have just passed on by if it wasn’t for my puppy’s astute sense of smell.

Then there is the food and drink. I’m a man of indulgence and there are a few places I would go for a bite and a brew. For breakfast I’d go to The Stockyards for a griddle smashed double burger with some fried chicken on the side. Then probably down to the Black Bull for a pint or two. Lunch would have to be at Segovia for the seafood paella accompanied by a nice bottle of red wine. Then dinner would take me to little Italy for a stone baked Margherita or funghi pizza, washed down with a bottle of grappa. I would then conclude my day down by the waterfront, watching the stars take to the skies over our raptured world.

That would probably be my ideal rapture day, after that I would prepare for the end of the universe and the looting and destruction that would follow. Much like a zombie apocalypse, the world would turn into a place of pure lawlessness and survival of the fittest, that’s why I’d make sure I’d enjoy all of life’s indulgences before having to employ a modified Zombie contingency plan to stay alive.

But now I’m off to work, which is a bit of a bummer because now I can’t stop thinking of all this good food and what I should be doing instead of working. Well I guess we all can’t live in a life of make-believe and pretend. Some of us have to keep the world going around.

Happy Rapture Day! I’ll see everyone tomorrow.


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