I predict a riot – Van city’s shame

Boston's Reward

I’ve always imagined what it would be like when Toronto wins the Stanley Cup. I picture people clogging the streets, like the human cholesterol in the heart of Toronto. Tears of joy and disbelief streaming down the faces of young and old alike. Spontaneous chant’s of GO LEAFS GO as well as round after round of WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS hanging in the air. I know that even Torontonians who are fans of other teams would be excited just to see the party we would throw!
But then there is the flip side. What if Toronto lost the cup. The rioting in Vancouver reminded me that hockey is VERY serious business in Canada. I would hate to think that my city would react the same way in the same situation. But who am I kidding! Just like in Van city, the riots and looting would be started by some loser who had too much to drink. And then it would just skyrocket from there causing the city to implode on itself.
I’ve always joked with Trit (her Blackhawks tasted glory last year) that I would loot her something nice if it came to that. But after seeing what happened in T.O. with the G20, I don’t want to be close to downtown Toronto if we lost a game as badly as Vancouver did.
Vancouver fans have a right to be sad, but the anger that sparked the violence and crime in the street is not indicative of how Canadians act. In the dying seconds of the game, the fans in the Rogers Arena were on their feet, waving their towels and cheering for the warriors that battled through 7 grueling games. They were cheering for the game and the glory that is Lord Stanley’s cup. That’s what I expect from my fellow countrymen, not the shit-show that followed. Go drink your sorrows away, pass out in the street or barfing in your neighbours car. But don’t destroy half the city just to appease your ire.
Toronto, please remember this when its our turn. Montreal and Vancouver have shown us the bad way to win and lose, let’s make sure we don’t make that same mistake!
However there was one reaction that I wholeheartedly agreed with. When they booed the hell out of Bettman I was quite happy, but that’s just because he’s a disgusting little ogre that helped ruin hockey.


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  1. Sameer · June 16, 2011

    Bettman the Ogre, well said…

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