How stupid are you?

We’ve all done it. Asked that question that we were kind of unsure about. Remarked about something before actually realizing what has been said. I’ve been guilty of it several times. In fact I’d like to think of myself as that 5-minute-later-comeback guy. This is why I’m a writer, snappy comebacks aren’t my forte. (F.Y.I. I’ve edited this post 3 times already, the first draft was just a series of grunts and clicks.)

But when it comes to non social situations (dealing with work or money) I always make sure I clarify what I’m doing, just to ensure that I don’t interpret something that just shouldn’t be. It’s just common sense. Or so I thought. It appears that common sense just isn’t that common anymore and people do what they think is right and then hide behind the mask of ignorance. I mean, seriously, is it that hard to ask before you make a mistake. I completely believe that we live and learn from the mistakes we make but isn’t it better not to make any mistakes at all?

But that’s the way our society survives. Make a mistake and someone will be there to wipe your chin and pat your head, tell you it’ll be ok and fix the problem for you. It’s part how we’re raised and part what we see. If I was taught to respect other’s belongings but then see my parents do exactly the opposite, what do you think will stick? I understand what the status quo dictates, but why follow it when I know I can do what I please and have someone fix it later.

So if you happen to be reading this and you’re under 20, I want you to take something away from this post. You are the generation that is going to change our world and take us into the next century. You’re responsible for getting through school, getting a job, moving out and growing up. You, and only you, are responsible for educating yourself. Before you do ANYTHING, stop and ask yourself “Is this right, or am I assuming this is right.” That one question will save you a lot of grief and stress.

It’s like G.I. Joe taught us back in the 80’s – “Knowing is half the battle!”

The other half is evenly split between red lasers and blue lasers.


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