The Social Experiement

Most mornings I ride public transit into work, while listening to music or occupying my mind with my phone, literally killing time until I arrived at work. Part of my trip is above ground but the other half is underground. Recently I found myself logging onto Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google+ right before loosing my network connection trying to post and comment on as much as I can before I head underground. When I resurfaced I would try to get online as quickly as possible so that I can then see if anyone commented on my post’s, or maybe if someone posted something interesting or new and trying to be the first to comment, re-tweet, or “like” something out there.
But this past Thursday night I was struck with a bout of insomnia (partially because my dog Vegas wouldn’t stop crying during a pretty loud thunderstorm) that had me thinking about my “addiction” to social media. I’ve been a little too dependent on what everyone is telling the internet they’re doing and not actually doing something with them. Take this weekend for example.

This past weekend I said goodbye to Facebook and Twitter. No more social networking! In fact I even deleted the apps off my phone so that I wouldn’t be tempted. It turns out that I didn’t really miss any social networking. I was actually more connected to people while I wasn’t attached to my phone….

Go figure!

So as much as I love my phone, I think I’m going to find other uses for it. Like reading from my Kobo list, or maybe writing an entry in this blog. but as for Facebook, I think I’ll start talking to people face to face, instead of through status updates and Tweets. I’m not going to delete my Facebook yet, but I’m thinking strongly about it.

Time to get back to reality.


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