She sits at the desk by her window.
A tear rolls down her cheek.
The snow falls lightly on the barren trees,
As she slowly starts to weep

The pen in her hand trembles
And the page is slightly moist.
The writing scrawled as she tries to write
The emotions that have her choked

She feared for his reaction.
The love she once held dear.
The love she pushed aside,
The night she held another near

She took him in her arms,
Their entire bodies bare.
All the while her love’s eyes watched,
From the picture frame they shared.

But before she could explain herself,
She was told about his death.
And now she was left with a heavy heart
And the letter in her hand.

She wrote to be forgiven,
She wrote for understanding.
She wrote to say she erred
And that she’d never love again.

Her tears would not stop flowing,
As she signed “With All My Heart.”
Her hands still shook and trembled,
As she creased her plea of love.

The envelope was heavy,
Meant to whether any storm.
It was meant to lay with her lover’s shell,
It’s casket would soon be home.

He had been gone for months,
Fighting in an endless war.
And her loneliness was taxing
But will now last evermore.

As the seal was lovingly placed,
Her body wrought with grief.
She collapsed upon the floor
And continued to cry and weep.

When much to her surprise
Came a banging on her door.
She sprang up to her feet,
As her tears fell on the floor.

Hear heat had always hoped,
Her soldier would come home
The letter from the war a lie,
And her faith and love restored.

Peering through the peephole
She could see his pressed uniform
Blue and yellow with shiny tokens,
The medals he proudly wore

Her heart nearly exploded
As she fumbled at the latch,
The banging getting louder
As she screamed and yelled and laughed.

She flung the door with gusto,
And opened her arms wide
Waiting for her resurrected soldier
To dry her crying eyes.

Her vision blurred and heart ached,
She felt her soldier’s cold embrace.
The pain she felt deep in her chest,
Started throbbing up in her neck.

Her eyes kept flowing not tears of joy
But tears of panic and pain deployed

Her mouth fell open in a silent scream
As her hands clawed at the undead being

Her soldier returned but not quite the same
His spirit had gone and a Zombie remained.

So always remember no matter what you do,
If your actions or words are cause for rue.

You may not have time to make amends,
For a zombie apocalypse is always at hand.