Its only logical

I envision a world that functions in a logical way. I imagine a place that has people working together to further humanity’s success, not for profit or acquisition of goods but to make LIFE better for everyone. Ownership is dead. Profit is non-existent. People do what they love and love what they do. Time isn’t wasted on posting pictures or taking selfies, it’s not spent stalking celebrities for pictures of their babies.

Our world circulates around a need to have things and I’ll admit that I succumb to the urge to posses rare and collectible items. But despite this drive I find that we should really reconsider what kind of impact consumerism has done to our society, both from a technological and a scientific standpoint. One may think that we’ve advanced, that our society has developed wonders in science and technology and that we are progressing and evolving into an advanced species. Were far from that. We’re not as advanced as we think we are and we don’t have the technology that we could if we had not let our currency and our economic development get in the way.

As previously stated i participate actively in our current economic ecosystem, but long for a better world. I imagine what our would be like if we had decided not to own things but had decided to give things instead. Instead of selling food, making sure everyone had what they needed. Instead of making a surplus of everything and throwing more than half of it away, why can’t we address the issue of the hundreds of people going hungry in parts of the world that can’t grow its own food.

Why? Because of money. Because there are dollars that need to line the pockets of the workers and CEO’s and all the middle men that are involved in getting the food processed and distributed to people who sometimes done even eat all of it. These people who receive the money are needing of these funds, their pay – they need this money in order to be able to purchase things to sustain themselves. It’s a never-ending cycle that produces dependency and waste, one that traps us in a cage that we can’t see and makes it impossible for us to break free of the chains that hold us within this wasteful world.

The vision of my world has us creating a cycle of positive distribution. A world where we don’t waste half as much as we should and we consume only what we need. This world is far more advanced both medically and scientifically then we currently are. My world didn’t perceive scientific advancements as a way to profit but as a way to contribute to the betterment of man. Medicine in its current state is a vehicle for prosperity and illness, there is just no way you can tell me that the pharmaceutical industry is one that actually helps people. Half of what it produces sates the symptoms but does not actually provide a direct cure. Being able to contribute to the advancement of science and medicine should be rooted in a non-for-profit environment, one that can help to nurture it to its full potential not one that will try to milk it for all it’s got.

So think about what you’re doing and how you’re contributing to the world. Are you fostering a sense of growth for humanity or are you contributing to the waste that is slowly killing both the world and all life living on her. Even the little actions such as recycling and composting can help contribute to the health of our social and ecological world. Don’t do it for your children or for the future generations, do it for yourself. Do it to help you become a part of the solution, not the problem. The world has enough problems, you don’t have to be one of them.

Its only logical.