Before we go anything further I’ve got to say SPOILER/RUMOR – none of this could be true or this could actually ¬†happen!

GeekTyrant is one of my favourite sites, not only due to its access to information but also because it brings me many interesting art work and fan based goodies. This time though, its brought me a snippit of news that is ultimately the reason why I visit. Casting rumors! On top of that, it’s a casting rumor about the one movie I’m holding my breath for: SUPERMAN vs. BATMAN (Superman comes first in my opinion).

That’s right folks – WONDER WOMAN. Is this for real? Could DC/WB be really interested in fast tracking the Justice League movie by invoking the Trinity, the foundation of the Justice League? It’s quite possible that this could go one of two ways, either they make the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME or they cast Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman and we then have Daredevil 2: The DC years. Whatever happens, its fun to speculate!

That’s today’s update folks, now go out and do something fun!