The Linus Theory

Scarves. They’re functional and fashionable but I never got into them. Sure there are times that I wear one, but for the most part I just zip up my coat too keep the warm stuff warm, and keep the cool stuff out. Maybe if I was a little more fashionable or had a colder neck I’d be motivated to spend time and money enjoying more of the benefits of wearing a scarf.

Lately I have started noticing the growing (literally) trend of the scarf and how it has become an essential accessory for pretty much any season. However with this trend I’ve also noticed that the scarves has become bigger and bigger and are bordering on the excessive. This past week spring has started to peek it’s glorious head through the cold and I had the opportunity to start walking to work. As I was approaching the office I saw a woman walking towards wearing what I could only guess was supposed to be a scarf. It suddenly brought flashbacks of the Lenny Kravitz/scarf picture that circulated online a year or so ago and I couldn’t help but wonder how this could even be called a scarf. It was wrapped around her neck with two long tails draping down over her shoulders coming down to just below her knees. Even though it was clearly wrapped around her neck, it still looked less like a scarf and more like she was wearing a full on blanket. She had one tail gripped in her hands and the other tail being held against her torso by her arm.

I suddenly got a flash and the only thing I could think of was Linus. Yes the peanuts character that would never be seen without his blue security blanket in tow and as much as she wasn’t sucking her thumb, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of safe secure feeling she received from her blanket-like-scarf.

So I challenged myself to wear a scarf for a few hours to put myself into her shoes and try and identify what it was that made a large scarf so appealing. Now this exercise was done in the safety of my own house because frankly the only scarves that were even close to large enough belonged to my wife. I chose a dark but flowery number that was large enough to be a blanket for a baby or a small dog. I had her show me how to tie it and I went along with my day. Aside from the warmth, there was a sense of comfort and security that was with me the whole time I was wearing the scarf. By no means am I an introvert and I’m not really an extrovert – I’m more or less and ambivert. I’m content and happy on my own as much as I am in social settings. The scarf, however gave me a sense of warmth and confidence that elevated me to what I’d like to call my Ninja-Asskick-Superhero mode. The simple piece of fabric allowed me to “hide” (Ninja Status) in a public setting (well as public as a family dinner gets) when I wanted to and yet still be able to be at the heart of the fun and excitement a public setting. The Linus theory – being able to be wrapped in a sense of security and warmth while being out in the most public of settings.

Now the scarf I had was not even half as large as the blanket that I saw on that woman, but I can completely understand why the trend of scarves is growing. Being wrapped in so much warmth and security can give intro and ambiverts a boost of confidence to get through the day. However summer is coming, and I swear if I see someone wearing a blanket like scarf in the summer will lead me to believe that they’re either crazy or completely socially inept.


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