Pre-Coffee Musings

There is a pea of pain in the back of my head.

It throbs hard before it fades away.

3 Hours of sleep makes each waking moment seem to pass in reverse.

Each muscle aches and burns,

my eyelids feel like hundred-pound weights

Then it hits.

The coffee, so warm and creamy, travels from my hand to my stomach.

It leaves a warm trail of energy that sets me off.

My brain sizzles with a pseudo-clarity that gives me life.

The fatigue is but an afterthought in the newly rejuvenated academy of my mind.

Funneling thought and ambition through the synaptic nodes,

my mind is a flurry of tasks and ideas all contributing to my daily regime.

Suddenly the clouds start to roll into the panorama of my office window,

just as the fog of sleep starts to creep back into my brain.

The coffee has only abated the fatigue storm that is about to lash my mind.

Like the eye of a hurricane the liquid sunshine fades and fatigue set’s in again.

Time to feed my coffee addiction,

time for my second cup.