My 600th Tweet

I have to clarify – this is actually not my 600th tweet. This is 601 – without knowing I re-tweeted something by @WhatTedSaid, which I gotta say is funny as shit and some really good viral marketing for the upcoming movie Ted (the link is for the Red Band Trailer so if you’re under 18 then watch at your own risk)

So why is the 600th tweet so important? It’s not. It’s more of a meaningful milestone then anything else, but if I’ve learned anything about social media is that it’s great for viral marketing. Over my few years on twitter I’ve seen campaigns for The Dark Knight, Gabriel Iglesias’ comedy brilliance and Simon Pegg’s subtle non-hints about Star Trek 2. As we speak, Twitter has also revealed that MCA of the Beasties has passed away.

Like Hemingway’s 6 word biography, Twitter is a way to express and share by using only 140 words but more-so, it allows us to share and participate with each other at a distance. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious when they mess with their followers and Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre makes me pee my pants. As creepy as it sounds, it makes me want to live in their house and see what it’s like to be one of their kids.

Now I’m just rambling. I’ll leave you with my first Tweet ever, it was sarcastic and I honestly didn’t think I would be reflecting on it, 600 Tweets later but it still rings true:

“wondering, what’s the big deal with twitter” – @baronsamdi, Sept 30, 2009